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I am the owner of a very successful chiropractic practice and had recently incorporated a website into my marketing materials. Because my office is so beautiful, many of my friends, peers and patients had suggested that I include pictures of my office space. I hired a commercial photographer who took many photos. Looking at them however, my staff and I felt that none of them depicted the “feel” or the ambiance of my practice. I approached Charlotte and am so glad that I did. The photos that she took were beautiful and truly communicated the unique and special way that we offer our services. These wonderful photos can be viewed at 

Dr. Karen Moriarity, Business Owner 

Love the headshot! That’s my choice. Wow you create miracles!
Thanks so much!
Pat Andrew Abu Realty


I would like to express my sincere thank you for your outstanding efforts in photographing and videotaping my listing at 18 Bridle Path, Shrewsbury. From the moment you arrived at the home, your keen eye, patience, and level of photographic experience guaranteed the perfect angles and views of the exterior of the home ~giving me wonderful choices of the most important photos in the advertising and promotion of the home. 

Your attention to detail continued through the entire three levels of the interior of the home. Every photo was taken to compliment the best angle, detail and lighting of each room. Nothing went unnoticed, and your suggestions were spot on. Your photos were crisp, clear and professional. There were numerous photos to choose from and I appreciated your downloading the video to all the popular realtor web sites.

Charlotte It was a pleasure to work with such a professional who really goes above and beyond. I’m looking forward to our next video together soon. 

All the best,
Julie Moynihan

My husband and I had the good fortune of having Charlotte photograph our house for our new listing with our realtor, Elaine Quigley, after our first listing failed to produce results. Having shopped primarily through the Internet ourselves, we knew how photos could easily be the thing to entice prospective buyers to come see the property or just as easily turn them away. Charlotte’s photographs were of superior quality to those we saw on other listings; furthermore, her equipment was able to capture many of the features that other camera’s wouldn’t, such as our cathedral ceiling in our kitchen. We were fortunate to be one of the homes to sell in the difficult market of 2010, and we are sure that our photos were a major factor in attracting realtors and our buyers. I would definitely recommend Charlotte to anyone who is looking to sell and wants to get a leg up in this difficult market — or any market!

David and Karen Bump, Home Owners

As a home photographer, Charlotte is superb. Her sense of angles, lighting, composition and focus far exceed the average “home for sale” photos. Many of the buyers who came to view the home that Charlotte photographed for me said they were “wowed” by the presentation they saw in the online MLS listing. Her work ethic, attention to detail, and turn around time for the final product were all outstanding and exceeded my expectations. I will use Charlotte again and would not hesitate to give her an A+ rating. Her work will pay for itself many times over! 

Elizabeth Hanson, Realtor Independent Real Estate Group email: Website:

In spite of our economic times, it is possible to have a home sell in days with multiple offers. How do I know? I’ve done it. The winning combination is great photos that attract buyers so they can’t wait to see the property and a home that has been priced correctly. Both of these attributes require skill and experience. I have the real estate skill and experience you’re looking for and Charlotte has the photography skills I’m looking for. 

Cyndy Rondeau – Keller Williams email: website: